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CrossFit Nutrition Prinicples

At the bottom of the page are some great links to nutrition info. Everyone has an opinion. Read about a wide variety of diets, decide what makes the most sense to you and then test it. A minimum of 6 weeks, and a legit test. Don’t follow the diet 2 days a week and then 6 weeks later say “It doesn’t work”. You … Continue Reading

CrossFit Equipment

What’s In Your CrossFit Gym Bag?

CrossFit is a sport plain and simple.  Some days you're lifting heavy objects, some days you're running, some days you're climbing things, some days....well some days you never know what you're doing. The best thing to do is be prepared for the unknowable by having a well packed gym bag. In my gym bag I pack a jump rope, athletic tape, long socks (deadlifting and rope climbs), lifting shoes, Chucks (good for Chipper WOD's involving oly-lifts and multiple other movements), running/ crossfit shoes (here blog run by Julia Kruz from workoutgearlab.com), deodorant, neoprene knee bracesContinue Reading